How many times do we have to tell u guyz :S

Pakistan Zindabad
Its not that we are anti pakistan. we are proud to be pakistani we love pakistan and we can die for it but i dont like lammers like ummz whts his name.... yeah some warrior moron with a monkey face from india clamin to be elite. Warrior beta u can shove this up ur candy ass u monkey faced indian.Awww Look we are afraid of the leet skillz of indians hahah looks like they have given up on uploading thier nude pics of their mums and sisters and taken up ahm ahm haxoring[ warrior : hey mommy how come unicode doesnot work on]

Warrior u leet ass hole from india [of course he;s an indian then he;s an ass hole :/ why didnt i think of that] u mutt stay put we ruled over u monkey faced indians for a 1000 yrs and we are gonna do it again PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD
Ps to jenkinz ummz dude letz put what we have in b/w aside and kick some dorty indian ass
national data security agency of pakistan
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