Lahore Stock Exchange Server Owned By Indian Hacker

Fucking FBH kids, You donno wat mistake ya hav don by making fun of Mahatma Gandhi. Your Whole Pakistan networks are gonna suffer for this. Protect yourself if you CAN !!!

Your Pakistan exists bcz of This Great Freedom Fighter Ok. Without Him today U would be sucking dock of some English MAN.

FBH kids, just wait for the crashing of Pakistan Networks'.

Admin you are suffering bcz some stupid ass holes of so called Pakistan hacking group FBH exists. And Pakistan is gonna suffer untill these stupid Abunusar and Bobby  exist.

Dear Bobby, begging codes from Brazilian chat rooms and posting them in your name doesn't make ya an elite OK. WE have our own selfmade codes, but we never publish them to show our eliteness. Our codes remain underground. We are not fucking here and there to gain cheap publicity like ya. .

FBH idiots  ya have flied a lot. Now get ready to for a big explosions on ya networks. Ya fuckers, we will show ya wat hacking means. Try ya best to close ya HOLES but we will tear it and FUCK U !!

FBH = Fucked By Hindustan