The Indian Hackers Club

ohhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

hmmm, missed me ?? guess not !!
today I am going to tell you the story of a gr8 31337 (
J ) Pak hacker (so called ofcourse)
called Jenkinz of TheBugz shame.. lolz

hey Jenkinz, before saying to Roxx : “ beta bade ho jao” and saying Emperor’s Win2k hacks as 133t, I would like you to say “BETA REMIND YOUR PAINFULL PAST”, do you remember how you started ??? oh my GOD, Jenkinz, ohhhh the leader of TheBugz, with elite carding skills and 31337 h4xoring skills begged and bragged to AQA for including TheBugz into AQA, well it’s a matter of fact that Jenkinz was kicked out by attic ( yes you r right.. founder of AIC – Anti Indian Crap, yes attic its me, me , me me, you biggest nightmare, remember dud3, I told ya the day when I ‘ll be alone, I’ll srike back so hard that you lame fukken script kiddies will realize your pathetic foolishness on the name of patriotism)…. Jenkinz, shut your fukken mouth and don’t talk rubbish about win2k h4x0ring, don’t ya remember wht ya were ?? ya were so lame that ya cant even run a lameshit perl script to search for hosts vuln to Unicode.. lolz, throughout yar pathetic h4x0ring carrer you owned boxes using lameshit exploits like Unicode and oh I forgot you also got elite carding skills right ?? using vasp, +.htr, asp overflow..and now shop.pl lolz kiddo u suck…  u started with Unicode and continuing yar lame so called h4x0ring carrer with shop.pl and dtscd, kiddo, u r toooo 133t to even comment on us okkk…

you fukken pathetic fool, instead of kicking out ppls frm yar #, try to be frndS and learn.. kiddo.. ohhhh by the way I forgot to tell ya, do u know wht is vhost, eggdrop ,clones ??? lolz kiddo, ask yar seniors wht the fuck these are and wht the fuck can be done with these, kiddo, better realize, just by kicking a clone doesn’t keeps THE GR8 INDIAN H4X0RS away frm yar sick # to evasdrop yar lame fukken asss..

msg for Emperor : ph33r ??


#ihc ( guess where ?? ) hehe lolz ;)

gr33tz : R0xx, Ne0-X, and all the variants of the gr8 INDIAN H4X0R, yes, its me, me , me and me only …………..