h4x0r3d by  +EMPEROR+                                


India = Hindus + Muslims + Christians + Sikhs +all religions

India has more muslims than the whole population of Pakistan and we are all a family = India.


Kashmiris are our BROTHERS and we all are Indians no matter what religion. Fuckerz?.Never mess with Indians , cos we are ONE and WE R THE BEST??

Pakistan is a country of fundamentalists+terrorists who have downgraded ISLAM. u don?t even know what ISALM is.. u bastards?.. killing innocent ppl ,kids ?raping women in Kashmir and all over India is JIHAD?

Jihad is against the aggressor not a kid or a woman or any innocent man who is more worried about his kids scool fees, employment and what not ,that ur terrorists kill everyday ?grrrrrr

No matter how much u try u will not succeed cos we care , u don?t ; cos we believe in peace , u don?t, cos we r stronger , ur not ; cos we? are the BEST , ur not?


                                                                           MERA BHARAT MAHAN



and oh? ur l33t hax0rz  ?. ;-)                                                             

pakistan ur security is a joke?..like ur 'hax0rz' ...lol


fucku FBH and powHack : bunch of jokers still using the ancient MSADC bug ...lol ...? that motherfucking Abunsar still doesnot know howto compile a *.c ... :-)


E.T. (Emperor's Tip to pakki kiddies)? 1: $ gcc fucku.c -o fucku

???????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????$ ./fucku


shall continue scooling u kids? with my E.T. s ... till then suck dick...and wait to be hit again..


We have suffered enough... now we r going to fight... and we will WIN.....

This is an Open challenge to pakki and ??hax0rs? :  STOP me if u can....


on the cyber-front... payback will be swift and decisive....

iam not Kimble...

i have not finished...

i will be back...



???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the_emperor@mail.ru