The Indian Hackers Club
- 2004 -

This website is defaced by IHC in their free times to show the .pk kids -
We can own .pk anytime we want or better to say anytime when we have some free time... looolz :p

NDSA Pakistan: haha keep it my little boyz !! we rotfl on ur defacement and zone-f forum messages !! u ppls talk real good.. oh my god i really rotfl on ur messages !!
thanks for our entertainment !!

and finally..
Sorry admins: but the thing is there is very few .pk websites. Most of them are already defaced by us. This one is one of the few .pk websites which was not !! So we were here !! Anywayz have Fun boyz !!

Oh btw we are indeed the old boyz of IHC ..
Things have changed !! So we are changed !!

Adios Kiddos !!