FBH = 2 script kiddies from LA who learned HOWTO hack on DALNET!
Ladies and Gentlemen, may i present presents "webfolder hack":
Joke of teh year!

<Nas_> we are hackers we don't need coders

h0h0h0h0 coderz = aint hacker ?

wannabe nigger.. listen to DMX baby! JLO is a biatch!

abunasar: don't know why you kicked me but don't do it again i will own you badly, oh sorry dude noone is gonna ddos you, fear not we just lube playing with mr bobbi cuz he is a moron and we like his qute ass

Nas_: fj34r t3h p0w3r of r34l h4x0r b4by, like my packets ? comon didnt i own you ? your shell ? even zone-h begged me for stop packeting them, we know you lube us, don't you ?:>

zone-h: Siegfried and kiddies lets se if you mirror this site or not, remove it and get nailed again? ps: mfrd left hax0ring ? wtf happend to RSnake kia "yeh bi undar ki baat hai" :>

FBH:don't deface idiots quite annoying for the adminz and its lame listen to the old wise rootworm and read HOWTO(.html) :>

thank you for your time

pps: zoor ka jhatka.. dere se lagta hai

ppps:What the shit!? rootworm? they hacking stuff again? BUT WHY! WHY OH GOD WHY!!!!!! WHY MUST THEY SIT THERE AND WRITE STUPID HTML THAT PEOPLE SAY 'MOTHERFUCK,THATS STUPID ASS HTML' none cares? WHY!??!?!?!?!:>

pppps(biggest lamer):

12:03 <PakBrain_> give me a shell i coded root exploit for windows xp 
12:08 <yas> you are big hacker arent you?:> anyway tell me who this yasir husain is from spider.tm
12:08 <PakBrain_> a friend of me he offerd me to write articles there but i said no
12:09 <PakBrain_> now give m a shel plz
12:11 <PakBrain_> ?????
12:20 <yas> wich vuln did you find in win xp that gives you "root" access. ps root = unix & Administartor = Win
12:20 <PakBrain_> ye whtever give me a shell i have many 0day now
12:25 <yas> man tell me how to code a hello world application iam kinda newbie when it comes to coding
12:25 <PakBrain_> wts taht???
12:25 <PakBrain_> man where is shell
12:28 * PakBrain_ was kicked by X ((Pyara) to lame for IRC.)
14:02 <PakBrain_> hey shit
14:03 <PakBrain_> bacha assembly sikh raha hai 
14:03 <PakBrain_> lol
14:03 <PakBrain_> u r the 3rd biggest asshole on earth
14:05 <PakBrain_> u faggot ass
14:08 <yas> lol, don't hate me becouse i didn't give you a shell.
14:09 <PakBrain_> lol faggot
14:09 <PakBrain_> acha to tu nay zone-h hack ki hai mrea lora nahi
14:10 <yas> fuck of man you are a big time lamer. kisi our ko jakar tang kar
14:10 <PakBrain_> hey ma ugly fuck
14:11 <PakBrain_> maa kaay phuday sey pehlay jum kar aa
14:12 <PakBrain_> sala chutu
14:12 <yas> basha achi hai, go and hack with your little friends.
14:12 <PakBrain_> lol
14:13 <PakBrain_> teri maa ka phuda hack karoon kya
14:13 <PakBrain_> lol
14:13 <PakBrain_> jab say peida hoa hai teri maa koo yaa raha hoon or kehta hai kuch nhai kya
14:14 <yas> man everyone here know what iam. who are you? you talk to much.. try to own something ? or ever owned something ?
14:14 <yas> let me put this log one some sites.
14:14 <PakBrain_> i 2 hahahhahahahahahahahahhaaa
14:14 <PakBrain_> :)
14:14 <PakBrain_> with my adding in ur text
14:14 <PakBrain_> lol
14:15 <yas> heh
14:15 <yas> now time for you to sleep mr nawaz.
14:16 <PakBrain_> i ll put it on spider.tm
14:16 <PakBrain_> lol gonna disconnet me you cant lamer hahahahaha
14:18 * PakBrain_ (~whackerz@ Quit (Ping timeout)

nyah nyah mr traitor - don't fuck with us or we will fuck you up badly like we fucked
the romanianz and like we are fucking SCO mizter Nawaz.. Nawaz Sharif hauhau
das ghet nicht meine freund...
eruuum oke sir

shout out: mostly eveyone at #!linuxsex #vuln #linuxpakistan , mihai , bronc , Xen , DrSnake, Baadshah , DiGiTaL^^..  
Priyanka Chaupra oh and FBH.. you lube UZ don't you?:>

ah another waste of 13 min