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Last Updated =28 Dec 2004
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007 Hacked BY Xtremexit  

H4ck3d By XtremexiT

A.K.A Indian H4ck3r!!

Defeat ME  IF You CAN!!.... I RULE!!!! Screw You!!

by the way happy new year (2005)...

14 Inch LG   Monitor   Rs.4250/-  
15 LG   Monitor   Rs.4250/-  
16 Mb VGA Asus with TV out   VGA   Rs.2800/-  
17 LG   Monitor   Rs.7200/-  
17 LG Flatron   Monitor   Rs.9800/-  
17 LG Flatron multimedia   Monitor   Rs.10500/-  
17 LG Multimedia   Monitor   Rs.7500/-  
2 0 GHz P4   Processor   Rs.9500/-  
2 4 GHz P4   Processor   Rs.9900/-  
2 4 GHz P4   Processor   Rs.9850/-  
256 Mb DDR RAM   RAM   Rs.1800/-  
32 Mb VGA Riva TNT   VGA   Rs.1850/-  
32 Mb VGA SIS   VGA   Rs.1500/-  
40 GB Seagate 7200 RPM   Hard Disk   Rs.3900/-  
500 MHz Celeron   Processor   Rs.1900/-  
60 GB Seagate 7200 RPM   Hard Disk   Rs.4850/-  
60 GB Seagate 7200 RPM   Hard Disk   Rs.4800/-  
64 Mb VGA Gforce TV out   VGA   Rs.3750/-  
8 Mb VGA   VGA   Rs.1000/-  
80 GB Seagate 7200 RPM   Hard Disk   Rs.5850/-  
Aopen 32x12x48x   Cd Rw   Rs.3300/-  
Artech 52x24x52x   Cd Rw   Rs.3500/-  
Asus 40x12x40x   Cd Rw   Rs.3200/-  
Asus 52 x   CDrom   Rs.1200/-  
Benq 32x10x40x   Cd Rw   Rs.3000/-  
Benq 3300u   Scanner   Rs.2250/-  
Benq52x   CDrom   Rs.1075/-  
Bestek 4 channels   Sound Card   Rs.700/-  
Ceative Vibra 128   Sound Card   Rs.950/-  

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