This site has been hacked by the
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Sorry kids. We accidentally shot Santa this year.
There won't be any train set for little Timmy this year, or any 'Easy Bake Oven' for little Jane.
No, but we did the best we could to scrounge up something, just something, for the kids.
We didn't have many materials really, just some dusty old computers and an internet connection.
Then we had an idea. We came online and found servers, lots of servers. There was something special about these
servers though - they were easily hacked. They were all easily accessed and exploited to be defaced.
I am not going to say that these domains were hacked using any special vulnerabilities or anything, because most weren't.
They were exploitable to holes which are well-known throughout the security world.
Well known. That means that lots of people could have hacked them. But it was us. Whether that be good or bad in your opinion, we did.
Well, I know that people are still going to criticize us, not to mention the defacing community in general, no matter what we do or say but
I am still going to say that this mass defacement was not intended to cause any harm. All indexes have been backed up, no files were stolen,
no backdoors were placed, and the only things deleted were certain entries in the logs for anonymity purposes. When at all possible, admins have been mailed.
We did this in an attempt to raise awareness about security. Some of the defaced sites may have been running Microsoft's
IIS server. If so, then we strongly encourage the admin(s) of those sites to consider moving to a more secure operating system. Suggested ones
OpenBSD or Slackware Linux. Otherwise, a the site was probably comprimised by an insecure cgi script or exploitable running service
was improperly configured or was out of date. Again we remind people to apply all relevant patches to all parts of their system periodically.
So admin, consider this early warning to be your Christmas present. ;-)
After all, isn't it better us than a malicious hacker?
Now that all that is said and done, on to the usual stuff.

... the data masters are ...

... greets go out to ...
RSH, hackweiser, p4ntera, kn0d, DHC, GForce Pakistan (keep up the fight!)

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