OWned by          Emperor     :                   baap of all hax0rz TM


TOP 3 reasons for pakki lamerz staying low :


hi lamerz ...

Liked YAHA ?  :-)

We have got more for u . ... u low skilled gas bags... behave or we will make u behave ..our own way...

You think it takes smbdy  to be a supercomputer to dot-slash?

You think only u got  0dayz?  oh muhy gawd..these pakkis r 31337!! they managed to trick(read 'beg') another looser

on IRC (who is => lamer than pakkis) into getting nplam.c and lg7 and dtspcd and ....and... and... lol


In this context lets consider a few stats about two pakki-cyberterrorist groops :

1)G-FORCE(read Gay-force) is a bunch of pakki loosers  who started there 'hax0ring' carreer after e-mind published his bind tutorial !. these  gas bags are notrious for hacking into honey pots and have been logged trying to teach other the

'1st chapter of any -Linux for Dummies- book' . are reverred by even lower skilled terrorists like AIC and co

(one of the dickheads was studying  'International relations' or smthing similarly weird in karachi univ. !! the way they r going...one of them is sure to become a politician and perpetuate the terrorism from a position of power like Corporal Musharuff..oops.. i mean General Mushrauff (bastard!)


2) AIC :   oooh..... soooo 3l1337....

lComprise of  even lamer kiddiez..with even lower skills than their mentor=Gay-force. gosh!!

one of the AIC members said : "we dont need programmers. we r hackers.."  ...lolzzz  :-)

 Were pissed off with a Indian kid called Ankit fadia cos he snooped ur IRC comm. u asshoes.this is what happens when u support terrorists,keep ur IRC channel open,and brag about what u have hacked!

(Emperor has been in ur rooms/invite only rooms with  a nice vhost more than Fadia..u jokers dont notice..cos ur too lame to do anything abt it   ....  ) !

**************btw..My Dear Indian Media :

Ankit fadia.ethical hacker? neither is he ethical nor is he a hacker !!!1 yr ago he begged and bragged to  a Indian hacker

about his fake VSNL hacking skill !!its another matter , he was kicked out..lol

he is a kid who is taking everybdy for a ride!

There are REAL HACKERS in India... and more skilled than u can imagine..so dont publicize the lame stunts of this kid

or we all r gonna regret smtime !!! :-)

but smday(when he begs enugh) iam going to scool  him and make him leet.. :-)



sooo pakkis   : 


we know the skills of each of ur 'friends' on-off IRC and we and our Friends on IRC sincierly beleive that you all [G(ay)-force,AIC, and other kiddies with whom u exhange greetz on defaces , there after referred to as 'pakki and co' ) are so motherfucking lamerz that u hardly deserve a mention in the hacking underground !!


This is warning to all the kiddies in pakistan/the-ones-who-r-supporting there terrorist causes :

Indian hax0rs are going to fuck Pakistans IT infrastructure and wud not let ur gay networks stay alive on the internet.

for long we have kept quit... thinking that u jokers wud grow up... but then...u never learn..do u?

Any fucking hax0r from any country supporting pakkis or Al qaida's nefarious activities will now be punished so hard that they r gonna remember it till they live.






We have suffered enough... now we r going to fight... and we will WIN.....

This is an Open challenge to pakki and co hax0rs :  STOP us if u can....


on the cyber-front... payback will be swift and decisive....

iam not Kimble...

i have not finished...

i will be back...