Guess what???? I have taken that bike away..HURRY!!!
    oOps..well not really, what you are getting is a hacked page of Cybernet.
    DAVID kay SON!! Tu HAAR LAAY!! Haar gia, haar gia..daivd ka bacha haar gia!!
    | Well, Hi to all. The idea behind this defacement is to   |
    | tell all the script kiddies and wanna-be hackers in      |
    | Pakistan to just stop defacing lame web sites. You kids  |
    | are nothing and you know jack about hacking! Learn how   |
    | systems work, learn networking and try to code your own  |
    | exploits. This goes to all other lammers in other parts  |
    | of world too!                                            | ...Remember
    |                                                          |
    | Admins can't put real hackers away from their web sites  | Knowledge is power
    | by just putting SSL from RSA or whatever shitty company. | &
    | Hackers are here to own and we will stay and keep owning | Security is a myth!
    | boxes till all admins give up their jobs and start       |
    | learning about security!                                 |