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Shall we carry this nightmare called "peace" a step further? Let's say that Arafat, Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad, or
one of the other Palestinian "Liberation" groups calls for massive armed assaults on Jewish settlements in the more
heavily-populated Arab areas. So as not to be thought of as "Zionist sympathizers," Israel's Arab citizens would join
in with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. In a scenario such as this, nuclear weapons have little value. But wait,
the nightmare isn't over. While the Israeli Army mobilizes internally to meet all these attacks, Egypt, Syria, Jordan,
Lebanon and maybe even Iraq launch a coordinated surprise attack upon Israel's borders to finally finish off Israel. Am I dreaming the impossible... or can you not imagine the unimaginable?

SURVIVAL... Not Racism!

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Extra greetz goes to the Best Russian Radio in Israel - Radio Spytnik 92.7Mhz FM. spytnik@hotmail.co.il

fuckz :
To all Islamic extremists that kill innocent women and children in their terracts...
fuckz to Hisbolah, Hamas, Fatah, Vahabids & alike killers.

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