y0y0y0, security.org.pk hacked by Script Kiddies from Pakistan!!!!

We are soon going to see you people cry at ITCN (after this HACKING/CRACKING/DEFACEMNT OF THIS WEB SITE) selling those shitty lame security cards..BOOOOOOO

This web site is so lame that even ./script kiddies like us can hack it...BOOOOOOO (again)

Do not bother to purchase any card from this web site as it is nothing to do with security. All you will get is a donkey face laughing at you (hell yes we are talking about this leet sekur1ty exp3rt zeeshan-ul-hassan) bwahahahahahaHAHAHA

Anyway, preston sucks, so does pimsat, zeeshan-ul-hassan sucks big time and also khuwar nihal..i mean khawar nihal..LOL..hahaha..hehehe..hohoho.. nach panjaban nach panjaban nach panjaban nach!

Flames to the pimsat team at proquest, lewserz, SHAME ON YOU PIMSAT!!!

y0u 4r3 0Wn3d, h4X0r3d, d3f4c3D, cR4cK3d, CANT TOUCH THIS :)

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