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PakCERT offers a complete range of computer forensic services from an initial investigation on site, through capturing the computer data, to processing and investigating the captured data for evidence for (or against) a case.

PakCERT provides an extensive range of services in relation to the investigation and handling of computer related fraud, abuse and email misuse. Whether a computer is integral or incidental to your problem our experienced investigators can assist you from the initial fact finding right through to a successful prosecution or disciplinary action. Working closely with our clients, often under extreme secrecy, we have a proven track record of recovering vital evidence which could not have been found using conventional techniques.

When someone leaves evidence of misdeeds on a computer it is necessary to use the right tool to recover the evidence. Just like a fingerprint technician has to use the right tools and expertise - computer investigations are specialized. Just hooking someone's hard drive to another computer can make significant changes to the drive. For example, Windows will reach out and touch the recycled files on startup and may alter other files. Hardware tools to prevent writing on disks during an investigation are crucial. Often specialized software can accomplish the same task. It is critical to use the right tools for evidence gathering.

If you need to investigate computer data then we at PakCERT are ready to help. We can provide the following assistance:

    • Advise how to initiate an investigation where computers are involved
    • Advise on the best methods of securing the evidence
    • Undertake visits to sites to secure data either overtly or covertly using the latest forensically sound imaging techniques
    • Examine the data captured from the computer down to the lowest level of a disk thus recovering live files and fragments of files the user thought were long gone
    • Provide Technical Reports and Statements

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